Street work

What is street work?

The main aim of street work is to reach out to people who have slipped through the net of conventional self-help networks. By familiarizing themselves with the parks, neighborhoods and businesses (restaurants, bars, cafés, etc.) in the area where they are assigned, and by maintaining contact with the various organizations in the region, street workers can intervene with people in need and quickly guide them to the right resources.

The fields of intervention are manifold. From school problems and suicidal ideation to domestic violence, poverty and prostitution, street workers are trained to help in a wide range of difficult situations.

Whether it's providing a presence, listening to people or referring them to specialists, street workers' services are always free and confidential.

The street link

Three street workers cover the entire Mirabel MRC territory. The team's interventions are primarily aimed at helping people aged 0 to 99 and those around them.

In 2017 alone, more than 28,000 interventions were carried out in connection with some 30 different topics (sexual assault, mental health, substance abuse, job search, etc.) and more than 8,000 requests for help were completed by our team.

Jérémy De Grâce, 579-368-1376;
Martine Collin, 514-296-5493;