MDJ (La voûte)

A Maison de jeunes (MDJ) is a living environment that complements family and school, where young people aged 12 to 17 gather to have fun, get involved in various projects and develop in a healthy way, with a view to becoming critical, active and responsible adults. Young people have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities tailored to their tastes and accompanied by qualified counsellors.


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The youth centre collects cans and plastic bottles.
glass or plastic all year round. Donations can be dropped off on the MDJ's back balcony.

We offer tutoring for all ages
Tuesdays during the school year.

Our activities

Project 6e

This project enables 6th graders, once a week, to gradually integrate into the operation of the youth center.

When can I join in? Every Friday from 3pm to 5pm (with certain exceptions)

Individual meeting

These meetings give young people an opportunity to discuss their concerns and successes with a facilitator.

When can I join in? Every Tuesday, either from 7 to 8 p.m. or from 8 to 9 p.m.


This project offers young people the chance to borrow books from the MDJ library, which contains over 800 books, or to take part in reading and writing-related activities such as going to a book fair or meeting an author. The aim of this project is to increase literacy among young people.

When can I borrow?
During Youth Centre opening hours


We offer homework and study support at all levels. If needed, we have access to a private tutor who can help certain young people.

This project is available every week during the school year, on Tuesdays between 5pm and 7pm.

Culinary workshop

Thanks to our culinary workshops, our young people learn to cook for themselves and to follow a recipe safely.

Prevention workshop

Our aim is to raise young people's awareness of various issues that affect them.

Here are a few examples of workshops we've given: Sexuality, addiction, bullying, healthy relationships, etc.

Table game

At the MDJ, we have a pool table that converts to a table tennis table, and a table soccer table.

Youth committee meeting

These meetings enable young people to make decisions about their youth center and various future projects or activities.

Sports activities

At mdj, we strongly believe in the benefits of sport.

Here are some of the sports we play regularly training in our gym, volleyball, basketball, soccer and much more. Occasionally, we go skiing, climbing, etc.

Outings with the MDJ

We offer young people the chance to take part in a wide range of activities, including Isaute, escape games, cinema, La Ronde, kayaking, tobogganing, water parks and much more.

Other activities include :
video games, art activities, gardening, board games, etc.


I've been a member of the Maison des Jeunes for 7 years. It's a place where you can go to have fun or when you're not doing well, make friends and have access to lots of activities that you wouldn't normally do.

Jeanne 17 years

It's not just a youth center for me; it's my home, my family, my friends, my wonderful world. 

Ken 16 years

I've been working with the youth center for 5 years. For me, the youth center is my second home. It's a place where I feel good and not judged. The staff are always there for us, no matter what we need. It's also a place where I can experience activities and trips that I don't have the chance to do in everyday life. The youth center is a unique and unifying place that makes us want to return day after day.

Shaïka 16 years old

I joined mdj when I was twelve. I made my first trip with them the week after I arrived, even though I didn't know anyone. I immediately loved their supportive energy and everyone was kind to me and wanted to get to know me. Since that trip, I've been lucky enough to do two more, and we're off to New York soon. The young people and the instructors were always there for me when I needed them, and I discovered a lot of beautiful people. The mdj has given me confidence in myself and my ideas. I evolve a little more every day when I go there. What's more, I was even able to do the co-op during the summer of 2023 and I loved my experience.

Mya 13 years old

MDJ rules and regulations

  • Self-respect
  • Respect for others (young people and adults)

    • No violence whatsoever
    • No discrimination whatsoever
  • Respect for the environment

    • Respect for equipment and premises
  • The use and/or possession of drugs and alcohol is strictly forbidden inside or on the grounds of the Maison des jeunes.

  • No young person under the influence of an illicit substance will be tolerated inside or on the grounds of the Maison des jeunes.

  • All forms of weapons are prohibited.

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