What is Project CJT?

Getting your first job as a teenager isn't always easy!

The CJT Project (Coopératives jeunesse au travail) helps young people integrate into the job market, by allowing them to become apprentice entrepreneurs for a summer!

They experience both the business side of things (controlling income and expenditure, promotion and marketing, customer relations, etc.) and the teamwork aspect (collective decision-making, problem-solving, preparing and holding meetings, etc.). As they invest themselves fully in this commitment, citizens can call on them for a wide range of services and odd jobs.

Supervised by a local organization and two facilitators whose role is to help them take full charge of their CJT, the young entrepreneurs carry out all the steps required to run their service business over the summer period.

Project objectives

  • Develop skills such as autonomy, leadership and organizational skills
  • Promote the development of self-esteem, personal and social skills
  • Prevent school and social dropout by promoting the benefits of schooling and giving a concrete meaning to learning
  • Promote intercultural integration among young people themselves and within the population at large
  • Prevent rural exodus by forcing young people to feel a sense of belonging to their community and region.

Impact on Mirabel's development

By enabling young people not only to enter the job market, but also to gain experience and learn skills that will serve them well throughout their careers, Projet CJT helps to shape the adults of tomorrow, as well as ensuring a succession of future entrepreneurs. What's more, local residents and businesses can benefit from this supervised workforce to carry out their odd jobs at competitive prices.

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    I enjoyed the co-op experience, especially the group atmosphere, and working with my marketing committee to promote our products by proposing ideas and creating colorful, dynamic posters. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the outings we took with the co-op.

    Maély, 13 years old

    I think what I've appreciated most is the group spirit and the fact that the coordinators learn as we do.

    Thalie, 13 years old

    Service point

    Our contact details

    To join our CJT project team:
    450-412-1144 cjt@mdjmirabel.ca

    Work team

    Antoine Charron-Morissette

    Intervenant, a specialized education technician with a minor in sociology, has been part of the team since 2023.

    Roxanne Bouchard

    Intervenante, Technique en éducation spécialisé en cours, has been part of the team since 2022.